Kemonomimi (獣耳 animal ears) is an anime and manga terminology that describes characters that possess animal like features. The characters will be predominately human and any real animal characteristics are minimal, unlike kemono characters who possess a large percentage of animal parts in ratio with their human parts. Generally kemonomimi characters have ears and a tail which are animal-like. Often this is just part of their attire and can be removed at will.

Steve Ashita

Steve Achita Header

Basic Information First Name: Steve Last Name: Ashita Japanese: スティーブ明日 Pronunciation: スティーブアシタ / すてぃーぶあした Romaji: sutību ashita Type:  FURloid Official Website: Character Profile Gender: Male Age:  19 Species:  Wolf Height: 1.75 Weight: Birthday:  February 20th Likes:  Pizza,spagetti,Play to Guitar Dislikes:… (READ MORE)

Yumiko Otone

Yumiko Otone Header

Basic Info First Name: Yumiko Last Name: Otone Japanese: 音祢勇美子 Pronounce: オトネユミコ / おとねゆみこ Romaji: otoneyumiko Name meaning: 音祢勇美子 ( Yumiko Otone ) – the song of the children of the bravery Type: Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Female Age:… (READ MORE)

Etto Daijoubuka

Etto Daijoubuka Header

Basic Info First Name: Etto Last Name: Daijoubuka Japanese: 大丈夫歌エット Pronounce: ダイジョウブカエット / だいじょぶかえっと Romaji: daijobukaetto Name meaning: 大丈夫歌 (daijoubuka; It’s totally made-up. The creator just played with one of the pronunciations of the kanji “歌”, so it doesn’t have… (READ MORE)