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Steve Ashita

Steve Achita Header

Basic Information First Name: Steve Last Name: Ashita Japanese: スティーブ明日 Pronunciation: スティーブアシタ / すてぃーぶあした Romaji: sutību ashita Type:  FURloid Official Website: Character Profile Gender: Male Age:  19 Species:  Wolf Height: 1.75 Weight: Birthday:  February 20th Likes:  Pizza,spagetti,Play to Guitar Dislikes:… (READ MORE)

Alana Delarine

Basic Info First Name: Alana Last Name: Delarine Japanese: デラリネ・アラナ Pronounce: デラリネアラナ / でらりねあらな Romaji: aranaderarine Name meaning: No real meaning Type: FURloid / ANIMAloid Model: B7 / 73 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Female Age: 20 Species: Lyxan Height: 175cm… (READ MORE)

Drayo Ryuune

Drayo Ryuune Header

Basic Info   First Name: Drayo Last Name: Ryuune Japanese: 竜音ドラヨ Pronounce: リュウネドラヨ / りゅうねどらよ Romaji: ryuunedorayo Name meaning: ドラヨ(dorayo) – Interpretation of name Drayo 竜音(ryuune)  – 竜”ryuu” meaning Dragon, 音”ne” meaning sound. In base “Dragon sound”. Type: FURloid /… (READ MORE)