Drayo Ryuune

Drayo Ryuune「竜音ドラヨ」

First Name: Drayo
Last Name: Ryuune
Japanese: 竜音ドラヨ
Pronounce: リュウネドラヨ / りゅうねどらよ
Romaji: ryuunedorayo
Name meaning: ドラヨ(dorayo) – Interpretation of name Drayo
– 竜”ryuu” meaning Dragon, 音”ne” meaning sound. In base “Dragon sound”.
Type: FURloid / ANIMALoid / UTAUloid
Model: 77

Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Drax
Height: 200cm / 6,6ft
Weight: 150kg / 330lbs
Birthday: July 27
Likes: Friends, Color Green, Videogames,…
Dislikes: Bad People, Ignorants, Spiders,…
Related Characters:
Lloyd Ryune (cousin)
Deon Dainine (complicated)
Riona Ryuufune (genderbend)
Alana Delarine (friend)
PESONALITY: Kind and carying for friends, never forgiving for people harming his close ones. Can be really silly and joyful.

Hair: none
Headgear: Simple grey with microphone (special design)
Eye Color: Dark Green
Earphones/Mic: Specially Designed
Clothes/Dress: Own Design (3 Versions)
Character Item: Sword
Nationality/Race: Czech / Drax

Non-Human UTAUloid, Anthropomorphed dragon.

Creator: Drayo Drax (aka Spittorbone)
Release Date: March 11, 2010
Voice source: Drayo Drax (aka Spittorbone)
Voice Range: C2-C5 (120bpm)
Genre: Pop, Balad,…

Romaji: Yes
Hiragana: Yes

Voice Library encoded in both romaji & hiragana for proper using, best singing in japanese, able to sing other languages (english library in progress). Link Updated.

Act 1 released on Mediafire
Act 2 released on Mediafire (smoother sound)
Act 3 WIP + Extension Library Add (Work In Progress)

Drayo Ryuune has his appearance in MMD from his creator Drayo (aka Spittorbone at Youtube). The creator used for modeling a software called Metasequoia. Links Updated.
Model Name: Drayo Ryuune
Modeling: Drayo Drax
Physics: Yes
Bone Names: Yes
Download: Mediafire

Model Name: Drayo Ryuune (alternate “V2”)
Modeling: Drayo Drax
Physics: Yes
Bone Names: Yes

Usage of library: Library using is free. Relion, or any similar use is not acceptable.
Comecrial use of Voicebank: Permittion needed.
Usage of Character: Free as long credits shown.
Comercial use of Character: Permittion needed.
Derivation of Voice and library: Allowed only a minor edit to adjust the settings.
Alternation of Character: Character alternations are allowed only for clothing and accessory.
MMD model: Using of MMD models is free as long the credits are shown. Any alternation needs permittion from the owner.
Fan Arts: Fan arts are acceptable.
R-18 Fanarts:  R-18 stuff is acceptable, straight Doujin is prohibited (exception can be granted by contacting the creator).