Kuma Chairo

Kuma Chairo Header
Basic Info
First Name: Kuma
Last Name: Chairo
Japanese: 茶色クマ
Pronounce: チャイロクマ / ちゃいろくま
Romaji: chairokuma
Name meaning: 茶色 (chairo) – brown
クマ (kuma) – bear in japanese
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Bear
Height: 5’9
Weight: 199 lb
Birthday: 4/02/1997
Likes: Rice
Dislikes: High pitch noises
Related Characters:
Supplemental Information
Hair: Black
Headgear: none
Eye Color: Light orange/ honey (color)
Earphones/Mic: none
Clothes/Dress: White plain T-shirt under a black hoodie
Character Item: none
Nationality/Race: Hispanic
Fur color: Brown
Voicebank Info
Creator: Speechlesseditor/fevernight123
Release Date: TBA
Voice source:
Voice Range:
Genre: Rock
Voice Configuration
Terms of Usage
Usage of library:
Comercial use of Voicebank: No
Usage of Characer: Yes
Comercial use of Character: No
Derivation of Voice and library:
Alternation of Character:
MMD model: None
Fan Arts: Yes
R-18 Fanarts: Yes
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