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Basic Info First Name: Uchuu Last Name: Japanese: 宇宙 Pronounce: ウチュウ / うちゅう Romaji: uchuu Name meaning: 宇宙 (Uchuu) – Japanese word for “Space”, or “Universe” Type: UTAU獣人 Model: Homepage: w yt da tt sc Character Info Gender: Male Age:… (READ MORE)


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Basic Info First Name: WALTT Last Name: Japanese: ワット Pronounce: ワット / わっと Romaji: watto Name meaning: Waltt is a mixture of Watt and Volt, units used for measuring qualities of electricity, representing how he is an electric cat. Type:… (READ MORE)



Basic Info First Name: DENGEN Last Name: Japanese: 電源 Pronounce: デンゲン / でんげん Romaji: dengen Name meaning: Dengen(電源) means Power in japanese Type: UTAUloid / FURloid / ANIMAloid / Lombax Model: FURLOID3 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 16 Species:… (READ MORE)