What is FURloid.net

FURloid.net is a Project to create a united database where are Furry or other Animal related UTAU’s (mostly without anthropomorphic features refered as ANIMALoids) dedicated to Music. Eighter using the UTAU or directly covering a song known as a Utashita.

Disclaimer: The name directly doesen’t mean the character is described as a FURloid, everything is directly set in the Profiles for each Character.

Basic setting for each section:

Furry and other Anthropomorphic animal related Characters

Non-Anthropomorphic animal related Characters

Human with animal features (mostly ears, tail, …), must be refered as one other it don’t qualify

Affilities: Furry UTAU, ANIMALoids, Animal UTAU, UTAU Fur, 獣人 …

All pictures shown on this site belongs to their respective owners and creators.
This site does not host file of the utau libraries, unleast if not announced.