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Steve Ashita

Basic Information First Name: Steve Last Name: Ashita Japanese: スティーブ明日 Pronunciation: スティーブアシタ / すてぃーぶあした Romaji: sutību ashita Type:  FURloid Official Website: Character Profile Gender: Male Age:  19 Species:  Wolf Height: 1.75 Weight: Birthday:  February 20th Likes:  Pizza,spagetti,Play to Guitar Dislikes: Related Characters:  Exile Waf (Friend) Drayo (Sempai) pesonality: Cute Hair:  Black Eye Color:  Brown Clothing: […]

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Koneko Header


Basic Info First Name: Koneko / Xiaomao Last Name: Japanese: 小猫 Pronounce: コネコ / こねこ Romaji: Name meaning: 小 (ko / xiao) – little, small 猫 (neko / mao) – Cat Type: Model: VKLOID11 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Female Age: Species: Cat Height: Weight: Birthday: Likes: Dislikes: Related Characters: PESONALITY: She is a very mysterious […]

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Koori Header


Basic Info First Name: Koori Last Name: Japanese: 氷の Pronounce: コオリ / こおり Romaji: kōri Name meaning: 氷の(Koori) – Meaning “Ice” Type: JOYloid / UTAUloid Model: 07 (located on upper thigh above stocking Homepage: Character Info Gender: Female Age: 20 Species: Kitsunemimi Height: 162cm / 5’5 Weight: 57kg Birthday: January 21 Likes: Snuggling, ‘Playing in Snow […]

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Luna Amane Header

Luna Amane

Basic Info First Name: Luna Last Name: Amane Japanese: 天音ルナ Pronounce: アマネルナ / あまねるな Romaji: amaneruna Name meaning: 天音 (amane) – Heavenly Sound or more specifically Sound of the universe/space ルナ (runa) – Luna, romanized word of Moon in Latin. Luna Amane is not related with Luna Ichine in any way Type: Tamed rabbit which […]

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Kin Kaneko Header

Kin Kaneko

Basic Info First Name: Kin Last Name: Kaneko Japanese: か猫欽 Pronounce: カネコキン / かねこきん Romaji: kanekokin Name meaning: か猫 (kaneko) – kaneko means kitten in japanese; Golden Child 欽 (kin) – Gold Type: TREBLEloid Model: TL-09 (9 loosely based on cats having “nine lives”) Homepage: Character Info Yattan Akamaine (Best Friend) Gender: Female Age: 16 […]

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Wana no Uta Header

Wana no Uta

Basic Info First Name: Wana no Uta Last Name: Japanese: わなの歌 (alternate 罠の歌) Pronounce: ワナノウタ / わなのうた Romaji: wananouta Name meaning: Wana: Trap Uta: Song Basically Song of trap Type: LLoid Model: L03 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 10 (aparentaly) Species: Fox Height: 130cm Weight: 68kg Birthday: April 4 Likes: Cats, Candies, Open air […]

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Yumiko Otone Header

Yumiko Otone

Basic Info First Name: Yumiko Last Name: Otone Japanese: 音祢勇美子 Pronounce: オトネユミコ / おとねゆみこ Romaji: otoneyumiko Name meaning: 音祢勇美子 ( Yumiko Otone ) – the song of the children of the bravery Type: Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Female Age: 17 Species: Cat Height: 167cm Weight: 55kg Birthday: April 6 Likes: Dislikes: Related Characters: Supplemental […]

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Etto Daijoubuka Header

Etto Daijoubuka

Basic Info First Name: Etto Last Name: Daijoubuka Japanese: 大丈夫歌エット Pronounce: ダイジョウブカエット / だいじょぶかえっと Romaji: daijobukaetto Name meaning: 大丈夫歌 (daijoubuka; It’s totally made-up. The creator just played with one of the pronunciations of the kanji “歌”, so it doesn’t have a literal meaning. ェット (etto; based on the interjection “eto” (えと) which would mean “Uh…”, […]

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