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Basic Info First Name: Koneko / Xiaomao Last Name: Japanese: 小猫 Pronounce: コネコ / こねこ Romaji: Name meaning: 小 (ko / xiao) – little, small 猫 (neko / mao) – Cat Type: Model: VKLOID11 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Female Age: Species: Cat Height: Weight: Birthday: Likes: Dislikes: Related Characters: PESONALITY: She is a very mysterious […]

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Kin Kaneko

Basic Info First Name: Kin Last Name: Kaneko Japanese: か猫欽 Pronounce: カネコキン / かねこきん Romaji: kanekokin Name meaning: か猫 (kaneko) – kaneko means kitten in japanese; Golden Child 欽 (kin) – Gold Type: TREBLEloid Model: TL-09 (9 loosely based on cats having “nine lives”) Homepage: Character Info Yattan Akamaine (Best Friend) Gender: Female Age: 16 […]

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Yumiko Otone

Basic Info First Name: Yumiko Last Name: Otone Japanese: 音祢勇美子 Pronounce: オトネユミコ / おとねゆみこ Romaji: otoneyumiko Name meaning: 音祢勇美子 ( Yumiko Otone ) – the song of the children of the bravery Type: Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Female Age: 17 Species: Cat Height: 167cm Weight: 55kg Birthday: April 6 Likes: Dislikes: Related Characters: Supplemental […]

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