Steve Ashita

Basic Information
First Name: Steve
Last Name: Ashita
Japanese: スティーブ明日
Pronunciation: スティーブアシタ / すてぃーぶあした
Romaji: sutību ashita
Type:  FURloid
Official Website:
Character Profile
Gender: Male
Age:  19
Species:  Wolf
Height: 1.75
Birthday:  February 20th
Likes:  Pizza,spagetti,Play to Guitar
Related Characters:  Exile Waf (Friend) Drayo (Sempai)
pesonality: Cute
Hair:  Black
Eye Color:  Brown
Shirt, red tie, Black shorts, white shoes like Red
Nationality:  Chile
Voicebank Information
Creator:  Kevin Reyes
Release date:  February 15th , 2015
Recommended Genre:  Pop, Rock, Soundtrack & Kpop
Voice Settings
Voice Banks:

スティーブ明日 ACT. 2:
スティーブ明日V4: でもプロセス
Steve Ashita CVVC Spanish:
Steve Ashita V4.6 FUSION:

Terms of Usage
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