Asone Kantau

Asone Kantau
「あそね かんたう」

First Name: Asone
Last Name: Kantau
Japanese: あそね かんたう
Pronounce: あそね かんたう
Romaji: Asone Kantau
Name meaning: Aso (Dog)
Kanta (Song)
Type: FURloid
Model: n/a

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Husky
Height: ???cm / ???inches
Weight: ???kg / ???lbs
Birthday: March 26
Likes: Singing , Pandesal, Strawberry, Warm Milk, Bowling,…
Dislikes: Bad People, Homophobes, Sardines, Dead Memes,…
Related Characters: Hasoki Kantau (Younger Brother/Pitchloid)
Marasuki Kantau (Older brother/Pitchloid)
Slush (Boyfriend)
Yorokoshi (Close Friend/Friend zone)
PESONALITY: A cheerful, clumsy and optimistic husky that will do anything to please his users even singing songs that are explicit and out of character, His a little insecure of his voice because he sounds like a kid in a grown mans body.

Hair: Yellow
Headgear: n/a
Eye Color: Yellow, Orange
Earphones/Mic: n/a
Clothes/Dress: Black Button up shirt, Yellow MP3 player tie, Black Khaki Pants, White Tennis Shoes
Character Item: MP3 Plater Tie
Nationality/Race: Husky

Creator: ???
Release Date: ???
Voice source: ???
Voice Range: ???
Genre: ???

Romaji: ???
Hiragana: ???

Model Name: ???
Modeling: ???
Physics: ???
Bone Names: ???
Download: ???

Usage of library: ???
Comecrial use of Voicebank: ???
Usage of Character: ???
Comercial use of Character: ???
Derivation of Voice and library: ???
Alternation of Character: ???
MMD model: ???
Fan Arts: Yes
R-18 Fanarts: Yes