Yochina Oto

Basic Info
First Name: Yochina
Last Name: Oto
Japanese: 幼稚な音
Pronounce: よちなおと
Romaji: Yochina Oto
Name meaning: 幼稚な(Yochina) – Childish
音(oto) – Sound
Type: FURloid / UTAUloid / ANIMAloid
Model: CV20
Character Info
Gender: Male
Age: 25 (Official Age)
14 (Fan Age)
Species: Cat
Height: 152 cm / 5’0″
Weight: 42 kg / 92 lbs
Birthday: Jan. 11, 1992
Likes: cooking or baking,crossdressing,WALTT,Kemonone Rou,playing,listening to music,rain,visual novels
Dislikes: Racist people,Homophobic people,SPIKE,Abusive people,DENGEN
Related Characters: ROU KEMONONE (crush,senpai)
WALTT (crush,senpai)
YUYUPOID (bestfriend)
REKKI (friend)
DENGEN (has a desire to kill)
PESONALITY: Yochina is considered to be an energetic, optomistic, and cheerful boy. He doesn’t like it when people are sad so he tries to cheer them up. He’s known to have a Yandere side but he rarely shows it because he’s afraid no one will like him anymore. He may be gay because of his crush for Rou and WALTT but he’s afraid to say that he’s gay.He is also a trap/shota.
Supplemental Information
Hair: His hair color changes. Sometimes Red, Sometimes Gray or Silver
Headgear: Ear strap connecting to mouth piece
Eye Color: His eye colors change. Sometimes Blue, Sometimes Red and Rarely both Red(right) Blue(left)
Earphones/Mic: Ear strap connecting to mouth piece
Clothes/Dress: Open midriff shirt with a midriff net shirt, shorts, and white boots
Character Item: Music note
Nationality/Race: Japanese Cat
Physique: Slim and somewhat girlish

  • Yochina is very nice and sweet when you get on his good side,but he is very violent when you try to steal Rou or WALTT away from him.
  • He hides his Yandere personality because he is afraid of scaring people.
  • He despises DENGEN a lot because he is WALTT’s “special friend.”
  • Yochina can be considered as a Deredere when he’s not mad.
  • Rumors say that Yochina is a robot because of his voice,but that’s for the fandom to decide~
Voicebank Info
Creator: YochiNone
Release Date: Jan. 11 2017
Voice source: YochiNone
Voice Range: C3~D5
Genre: Depends on voicebanks
Voice Configuration
Romaji: Yes
Hiragana: Yes

CV voicebank: Link

Whisper Append: Coming Soon

Sweet Append: Coming Soon

Soft Append: Coming Soon

Cute Append: Coming Soon

Adult Append: Coming Soon

Power Append: Coming Soon

ACT 2 Voicebank: Coming Soon

Terms of Usage
Usage of library:
Comercial use of Voicebank:
Usage of Characer:
Comercial use of Character:
Derivation of Voice and library:
Alternation of Character:
MMD model: none
Fan Arts: Yes
R-18 Fanarts: Yes