Ichiro Haruki

Ichiro Haruki

First Name: Ichiro
Last Name: Haruki
Japanese: はるきイチロー
Pronounce: はるきイチロー
Romaji: Haruki Ichirō
Name meaning: イチロー(First Son)
Type: FURloid
Model: ???
Homepage: ???

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Kitsune
Height: 175cm / ???inches
Weight: 56kg / ???lbs
Birthday: April 12, 2000
Likes: Singing And Dancing for the world, drawing in his free time, his friends, pineapples,…
Dislikes: Being Alone, Bad People, Homophobic and Racist People, Eggplants
Related Characters:

Megumi Haruki (Younger Sister)
WALTT (Friends With Benefits)
Teto Kasane (Crush)
Itsuto Okaru (Close Friend)
PESONALITY: Friendly and loving, he gets on well with most people, socially outgoing but still a gaming nerd.

Hair: Orange
Headgear: n/a
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Earphones/Mic: Handheld, it’s colors are tones of red
Clothes/Dress: Red Short Sleeve Hoodie with a moon and a star on it representing the Turkish Flag, Brown Pants
Character Item: Pineapple
Nationality/Race: Kitsune

Creator: ???
Release Date: ???
Voice source: ???
Voice Range: ???
Genre: ???

Voicebank link: https://mega.nz/#!qEVwiAJZ!xeulUFzZzUKTcI-7_OtR_kLHQ4hDVE8SznwPWsFaRrA

Romaji: ???
Hiragana: ???

Model Name: ???
Modeling: ???
Physics: ???
Bone Names: ???
Download: ???

Usage of library: ???
Comecrial use of Voicebank: ???
Usage of Character: ???
Comercial use of Character: ???
Derivation of Voice and library: ???
Alternation of Character: ???
MMD model: ???
Fan Arts: Allowed
R-18 Fanarts: Allowed