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Ichiro Haruki
Ken Aozora
Riona Ryuufune
Alana Delarine
Kuma Chairo
Myako Kyushi
Steve Ashita
Zeru Ryuuka
Haruto Kawaoto

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  1. fevernight123

    Hello, I’m the owner of “Chairo Kuma” I just wanted to help fill in his information if that is ok?, thank you for adding him!

    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: Bear
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 199 lb.
    Birthday: 4/02/1997
    Likes: Rice
    Dislikes: high pitch noises
    Related Characters:

    Hair: black
    Headgear: none
    Eye Color: light orange/ honey (color)
    Earphones/Mic: none
    Clothes/Dress: white plain T-shirt under a black hoodie
    Character Item: none
    Nationality/Race: hispanic
    Fur color: Brown brown

    Creator: Speechlesseditor/fevernight123
    Release Date: TBA
    Voice source:
    Voice Range:
    Genre: rock

    Usage of library:
    Comercial use of Voicebank: no
    Usage of Characer: yes
    Comercial use of Character: no
    Derivation of Voice and library:
    Alternation of Character:
    MMD model: none
    Fan Arts: yes
    R-18 Fanarts: yes


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