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Gentloid Shizoko

Gentloid Shizoko Header

Basic Info First Name: Gentloid Last Name: Shizoko Japanese: ジェントロイド シゾコ Pronounce: ジェントロイド シゾコ / じぇんとろいど しぞこ Romaji: jentoroidoshizoko Name meaning: Gentloid (Gentle + Loid) Shizoko (No meaning) Type: Appenloid / Furloid / ANIMAloid Model: GE-CV Homepage: none Character Info… (READ MORE)

Bunsen Berubetto

Bunsen Berubetto Header

Basic Info First Name: Bunsen Last Name: Berubetto Japanese: ブンセン・ベルベット Pronounce: ブンセンベルベット / ぶんせんべるべっと Romaji: bunsenberubetto Name meaning: His first name is a mix of Bunny and a misspelling of zen. His last name is japanese for Velvet. Type: FURloid… (READ MORE)