Basic Info First Name: DENGEN Last Name: Japanese: 電源 Pronounce: デンゲン / でんげん Romaji: dengen Name meaning: Dengen(電源) means Power in japanese Type: UTAUloid / FURloid / ANIMAloid / Lombax Model: FURLOID3 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 16 Species: Lombax Height: 148cm Weight: Birthday: January, 23 Likes: Any weird gadgets, weapons, snows, and video […]

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Beat Okamine Header

Beat Okamine

Basic Info First Name: Beat Last Name: Okamine Japanese: 狼音 ビート Pronounce: オカイネビート / おかいねびーと Romaji: okaminebīto Name meaning: 狼 (Wolf) 音 (Sound) ビート (Beat), Literal Meaning: Wolf Sound Beat Type: FURloid / ANIMALoid Model: MK-01 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 19 Species: Wolf Height: 168cm / 66,14in Weight: 62kg / 136,68lbs Birthday: February […]

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Drayo Ryuune

Drayo Ryuune「竜音ドラヨ」 First Name: Drayo Last Name: Ryuune Japanese: 竜音ドラヨ Pronounce: リュウネドラヨ / りゅうねどらよ Romaji: ryuunedorayo Name meaning: ドラヨ(dorayo) – Interpretation of name Drayo 竜音(ryuune) – 竜”ryuu” meaning Dragon, 音”ne” meaning sound. In base “Dragon sound”. Type: FURloid / ANIMALoid / UTAUloid Model: 77 Homepage: Character Info Supplemental Information Voicebank Info Voice Configuration MMD Terms […]

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