Kori Kitakoe Header

Kori Kitakoe

Basic Info First Name: Kori Last Name: Kitakoe Japanese: 北声 氷 Pronounce: キタコエコーリ / きたこえこーり Romaji: kitakoekōri Name meaning: 氷 (kōri) Ice 北声 (kitakoe) Northern Voice Type: FURloid Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 16 Species: Arctic Wolf/Fox cyborg Height: TBA Weight: TBA Birthday: TBA Likes: Singing, video games, snow cones, generally being around […]

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Jinx Nyota Header

Jinx Nyota

Basic Info First Name: Jinx Last Name: Nyota Japanese: Pronounce: Romaji: Name meaning: Jinx – (Harbinger of misfortune) Nyota – (Star in Irish) Type: Model: Homepage: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/JinxNyota Character Info Gender: Male Age: Species: Wolf Height: Weight: Birthday: Likes: Dislikes: Related Characters: Supplemental Information Hair: Headgear: Eye Color: Earphones/Mic: Clothes/Dress: Character Item: Nationality/Race: Voicebank Info Creator: […]

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Gregory Greenfield Header

Gregory Greenfield

Basic Info First Name: Gregory Berkezl Last Name: Greenfield Japanese: グレゴリー·グリーンフィールド Pronounce: グレゴリー·グリーンフィールド / ぐれごりー·ぐりーんふぃーるど Romaji: guregorīgurīnfīrudo Name meaning: Type: Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 22 Species: Wolf Height: 178cm / 5’10” Weight: 70.40 kg / 152.2 lbs Birthday: December 17, 1990 Likes: Food, cooking, running his travelling merchant cart, Citrus-infused Green Tea […]

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Exile Waf Header

Exile Waf

Basic Info First Name: Exile Last Name: Waf Japanese: エグザイル・ワフ Pronounce: えぐざいる・わふ Romaji: eguzairu wafu Name meaning: エグザイル (Eguzairu / Exile; Name of Tetris’s first fursona.) ワフ (Wafu / Waf; Random, lol.) Type: FURloid Model: — Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 18 Species: Dog – Husky Height: 5’9″ Weight: 170 lbs Birthday: December 20th […]

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Draco Ryumaru Header

Draco Ryumaru

Basic Info First Name: Draco Last Name: Ryumaru Japanese: 竜座 リュウマル Pronounce: ドレイコ リュウマル / どれいこ りゅうまる Romaji: doreikoryuumaru Name meaning: Draco comes from the original name of the owner’s Fursona. Plus Ryu that means dragon and the sufix -maru, that applies to male names. Type: UTAUloid / FURloid Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male […]

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Darky Ryu Header

Darky Ryu

Basic Info First Name: Darky Last Name: Ryu Japanese: ダーキ 竜 Pronounce: ダーキ リュ / だーき りゅ Romaji: dākiryu Name meaning: DD563..meh, just call me Darky Other names: Darky Drago Ryu Type: FURloid Model: DD563WF Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 23 Species: Wolf Height: 187cm Weight: 80kg Birthday: October 4 , 1990 Likes: Ice […]

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Dodger Akame Header

Dodger Akame

Basic Info First Name: Dodger Last Name: Akame Japanese: 赤目ドッジャー Pronounce: アカメドッジャー / あかめどっじゃー Romaji: akamedojjā Name meaning: 赤目 (Akame) : Red Eyes Type: FURloid Model: Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 35 Species: Wolf Height: 179cm Weight: 60kg Birthday: 2nd January Likes: Pasta, salty food Dislikes: Caramel, gingerbread Related Characters: PERSONALITY: Dodger is a French […]

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Beat Okamine Header

Beat Okamine

Basic Info First Name: Beat Last Name: Okamine Japanese: 狼音 ビート Pronounce: オカイネビート / おかいねびーと Romaji: okaminebīto Name meaning: 狼 (Wolf) 音 (Sound) ビート (Beat), Literal Meaning: Wolf Sound Beat Type: FURloid / ANIMALoid Model: MK-01 Homepage: Character Info Gender: Male Age: 19 Species: Wolf Height: 168cm / 66,14in Weight: 62kg / 136,68lbs Birthday: February […]

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